Service Overview

As a pharmacy, we have a wide variety of services available for you in order to effectively provide a holistic solution for your needs. We provide basic prescription services as well as consultation and specialized services for whatever you may be facing, all while maintaining our standard level of excellence in our service to our patients.

There are a number of different services that we’re proud to offer. These include our Meds-Check program, diabetes consultation, smoking cessation guidance, blood pressure checks, blister packing and we have also designed online prescription refill forms.

Instead of having to go to numerous health centers, we strive to create an environment that works to meet all the needs of our patients, to provide a wholesome approach to health.

At Liberty Market Pharmacy, we offer an extensive range of custom blister packing and medication pouches for individuals as well as group homes, and retirement homes, along with long term care programs making it easy for individual dosing. Taking medications can sometimes be a daunting task, that’s why we are here to assist you with allowing you peace of mind in a simple way of taking and keeping track of the medications. This is a safe and practical way of dispensing your medication.

How to Reach Us

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Telephone: (416) 588-8348

Seasonal Flu Vaccines

Compounding is the practice in which a prescriber along with the aid of a pharmacist tailor a prescription to make medications fit the unique needs of patients in various forms. Our pharmacy offers a variety of compounds to meed individual needs of each patient. Come in and see our pharmacist for further information regarding your compounded prescription.


Influenza is a respiratory infection caused primarily by influenza A and B viruses. In Canada, influenza generally occurs each year in the late fall and winter months. Influenza vaccination is recommended for all individuals aged 6 months and older, with particular focus on: pregnant women, seniors over 65 years of age, and children. Come into our pharmacy to have your annual influenza vaccine given by our injection trained pharmacist.

Diabetes Consultation

There are many people who are at risk for diabetes and who may not be aware of it. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can impact your life in a big way, and so there are certain practices and tools you can use to not only prevent this condition, but also manage it. At Liberty Market Pharmacy, we’re proud to offer diabetes consultation, where we pass on the latest knowledge to those living with or at risk for this condition.


Meds-Check is a government supported program that gives patients the opportunity to consult one on one with their pharmacist when taking 3 or more medications. We can help you determine what side effects you may experience, how the medications work together, what will happen if you don’t follow schedule and much more. Come sit down and talk with us to take advantage of this program!

Blister Packaging

Taking multiple medications can be confusing and difficult to organize. With our blister packing service, we sort all of your medications into day/time blister packs so that you can quickly and easily take them as per schedule. This helps ensure that you receive the greatest result and benefit from your prescription, and never miss a dose.

Blood Pressure Check

At Liberty Market Pharmacy, we’re happy to be able to offer free blood pressure checks. Blood pressure can point to heart disease, kidney failure or stroke, even in someone who may seem relatively healthy. It’s a simple quick way to check in on your health, and we’ll help you decipher exactly what the numbers mean in order to provide some insight and healthy recommendations for you.

Smoking Cessation

There’s no denying that smoking has been proven to have a negative impact on your health, however many people who smoke were not aware of that at the time the picked up the habit. As all cases are different, we treat our patients in a personalized fashion in order to create a successful plan to kick the habit for good with one on one sessions with our experience staff.

Rx-Refill Online

Being dedicated to servicing our clients means understanding your lifestyle. We found that most of our patients don’t have time to wait for their prescriptions, and want an easy and quick way to pick up their refills. That’s where our Rx-Refill Online comes in, enabling patients to skip the line and plan ahead when refilling their prescriptions through our online form.